Excellence in Early Childhood Education

Our Core Values

At CRCDS, we build and cultivate love, respect, faith, leadership, confidence, self-esteem, and more in our students. 


CRCDS partners with families to build a community where all children feel loved as they build a faith foundation, making them best prepared to be academically advanced, physically equipped, and socially developed for a life of opportunity in education and beyond.


CRCDS fosters the unique and individual spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of preschool age children in a secure, loving, and stimulating faith-based community.

Our Programs

Day Out

For children ages 18 to 35 months, our Children’s Day Out teachers lovingly introduce children to what may be their first school experience.


Preschool is such a fun time of learning new things and making new friends. CRCDS has an excellent preschool, with loving, gifted teachers and a plan to get your child growing and learning.


Our Kindergarten is second to none, and will give your child the attention and confidence he or she needs to be ready for 1st Grade.

A note from CRCDS Director

Welcome to Custer Road Christian Day School!  We are so excited that you are considering partnering with us for your child’s early learning experience!  I am confident that you will find that joining the CRCDS family will be the best decision for supporting your student and family during these early years.  I know this was true for my family and my CRCDS graduates, and I feel so blessed to now have the opportunity to lead this incredible community.  

At CRCDS, your student will benefit from teachers who are leaders in Early Childhood Education.  Their experience, education, and genuine love for their students is truly what sets us apart.  Not only will your student be more than prepared academically when they move on to the next step in their education, but they will also have a solid foundation of faith, confidence, and a love of school to carry them through the years to come.    

At CRCDS, we believe that every child, at every stage of development, is a blessing!  We hope that you will join us on this exciting journey of learning and growing as we love Jesus and love others!