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Our Staff

 Our staff consists of a loving, highly qualified group of teachers who genuinely enjoy the early childhood years. They create lesson plans which include  engaging, hands-on  activities designed to teach children while they have fun.

Children’s Day Out team: Suzanne Cardaropoli, Evelyn Tan, Molly Gillard, Charlotte Dudley, Marie Brady,  Joyce Hall, Katy Fowler

Three’s team: Stacie Belter, Michelle Alexander, Suzan Barkley,  Joanne Turner

Four’s team: Sandy Bartolone, Kris Stevenson, Tracy Harrison, Mary Benzenberg,  Christi Scott, Monica Haley,

Kindergarten: Sarah Oldham

Music/Technology: Sydney McClintic

Office Assistant:  Elizabeth Greer

Assistant Director: Elise Castellanos

Director: Lisa Schafer