Preschoolers are full of curiosity, energy, and giggles. And for kids their age, it’s important to learn how to engage socially with friends, be focused when needed, and how to learn for themselves.

Our degreed and experienced teachers guide and encourage our students to be active learners. Their daily activities are designed to:

  • Develop emergent reading skills in a print-rich environment that promotes phonological awareness, oral language development, letter recognition and book awareness.
  • Develop emergent number sense by learning 1 to 1 correspondence, counting, sorting, matching,  sequencing, and more.
  • Develop emergent writing and fine motor skills by cutting, gluing, painting, manipulatives and journaling.
  • Develop their faith and encourage them to love God and love others through their words and actions.

Threes Class

In addition to building upon their emerging math and literacy skills, our three year olds will build independence and self-awareness through taking responsibility for their belongings, respecting classmates and school supplies, and following classroom routines and procedures. Through play and hands-on-learning, the students will learn to listen, share, and be kind, while also getting a strong academic base for continued learning.

Fours Class

Our goal is to provide a strong foundation in emergent reading, writing, and number sense through our daily instruction. Utilizing hands-on-learning opportunities, students will strengthen their listening, pre-writing, pre-reading, early word recognition, social, self-help, and gross and fine motor skills, all while boosting their self-confidence and independence

Class Offerings

All classes meet from 9:00 a.m. until 1:55 p.m. There are 3 schedule options:

Monday - Friday

5 days/week

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

3 days/week

Tuesday / Thursday

2 days/week

Our Teachers

Heather Blachly


Mary Elise Johnston


Sarah Johnson


Dana Reygadas


Beth Steffen


Susan Summer


Ana Herrera


Jen Gilmore


Erin Jarratt


Katie Lesh


Sarah Steele


Carrie Waldrip