Janet Wisner


I grew up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma with my parents (still married 50+ years) and my older brother, whom I still adore.  I graduated from Baylor University and went on to earn my Masters in Social Work at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.  In 1999, I moved to Dallas and worked at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas as a maternal child social worker (where I met my husband).  I have to pinch myself that I get to work where I was fortunate enough to take my kids at 9 am for 11 years.  These people poured into my (no so little now) people for so many years.  How is it possible that now I get to spend my days here hopefully doing the same?

Favorite scripture:  Psalm 126:3 The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.

Words to live by:  Finish the job. Well.

Family Members: Husband Brad; Kids Henry (14), Greta (11) and Edith (7).  All Custer road graduates.

Hobbies:  Photography, being outside when it’s cold, loving on my friends and family, going on really big and really small adventures with my people, often custom ordering my food.

What do most people not know about you? I had two back surgeries when I was 9 (and 10) and was in a body cast most of 5th grade.

Who inspired you the most in your life and why? Amy Unruh, my K-Life leader in middle school.  She gently guided me and directed me towards Christ, which changed who I was then and who I wanted to be.

Favorite Children’s book: Are you My Mother; Just Go to Bed; Blue Hat, Green Hat

Favorite Movie:  Silver Linings Playbook, Blind Side, 16 Candles and Top Gun

Favorite TV show:  ER, Shark Tank, Party of 5, Cupcake Wars

Dream Vacation:  Montana or anywhere honestly where it snows or the temps are routinely under 60 degrees.

First Car:  1987 Maroon/Tan Ford Bronco II that smelled like maple syrup.