Jeed Woranitath


Hello! My name is Kingkarn Woranitath, but you can call me Jeed. I am originally from Thailand. When I got married, I moved to the States in 2009. I always have had a passion for teaching. When I was in Thailand, I taught Management at a business college. When I moved here, I taught yoga for almost 10 years before the pandemic hit. After that, I decided to stop working and poured all my time into taking care of my family and homeschooling my child, she was five at that time. Now that she goes to school, I wanted to go back to work and I have found CRCDS. I am super excited to join this school. Looking forward to seeing all of you.


Family Members: Husband: Wei, a daughter: Serene


Hobbie, Interest: I read Thai novels or literature. Sometimes I make crafts with my kid and now I am learning to sew.


What do most people not know about you? My mom has nine children, and I am the youngest. 🙂


Favorite Children’s book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (and many other books by him)


Dream Vacation: Family road trip across America and visit all the national parks, plus Banff National park in Canada.