Tracy Nguyen


Hello, my name is Tracy Nguyen, I just moved to Texas 3 years ago from the windy city Chicago. It has been a big change weather-wise and I’m loving it here. I went to the University of Nebraska with a bachelor degree in Business Administration. I have twins 9 year old daughters, and often volunteered at their school. I love working with children and love seeing them grow. I had an amazing opportunity to work at CRDS as a substitute teacher and I love all the teachers and kiddos here so much that I decided to become a regular teacher this year. I cant wait to to be part of this amazing staff and cant wait to play, to love and to teach the kiddos here to help them grow physically, emotionally and socially. My big motivation is seeing all the kids walk into my classroom with a big smile on their faces and a big heart to share with others around them.